In TV & Technology– Simplicity is believing

Something is wired in my DNA that allows me to take complex technology and break it down so even the most fearful novice can understand it. I’m able to look at technology with fresh eyes and see what’s confusing and then break it down into English. I guess that’s why I’m called the “Technology Simplification Guru”. I have great compassion for people who are not passionate about technology but find themselves in front of a TV or home theater with a dozen remotes and wondering “should I press TV power or system power or…??? I just want to turn the darn thing on!”

So I go out into the world of technology and look for products that make life easier. When products are confusing, I give tips to make them easier to understand and use. And I break down how to buy, hook up and use home theater and electronics like mobile phones and MP3 and video players so that people can know the tips & lessons that techhies forgot they ever had to learn (it’s common sense right?)

My first tip for those starting an adventure into the complex world of new technologies and innovations and fancy TVs and home theater (which means anyone who wants to control or put together the equipment that may already be in their living room!) is:

Simplicity is a state of mind. It’s a calm place where you are confident that what you are trying to put together or control is attainable. Simplicity is the opposite of confusion and overwhelm, where you tell yourelf you can’t figure this dang thing out and it’s never gonna work. No, when you believe something is simple, you move forward and see the bigger picture of how it fits together without your inner resistence. When you believe it’s simple, you make connections between words and it makes sense to you. You find the buttons and menus you are looking for. When you resist and think it’s too hard, it’s almost like what you are looking for has disappeared!

Start by realizing that many other people have learned to work their TVs or how could one account for the millions of TV viewers everyday if they hadn’t figured out how to use their TV? Maybe it is simpler than you think and it is possible for you to learn. Just entertain that possibility the next time you take on buying, setting up, or using technology. The right frame of mind begins to make anything easier.


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