CES made simple

Tomorrow I’m off to CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I’m excited to see what new gadgets and features will be coming onto the shelves of stores this year. I always look with an eye to those companies who are designing products that are easier to use or for those who are beginning to explain their products in a way that anyone can understand. I will also be looking at the new DTV converter boxes so I can give you comparisons and a lowdown.

My new book “Home Theater Made Simple” (coming out later this year) is in collaboration with Monster Cable and I am working with Monster to help educate consumers about home theater. So there will be lots of news from the Monster camp.

The big event at CES this year is Monster’s retailer awards with a special concert by Mary J Blige . This Queen of R&B makes great dance music. Actually something I can enjoy listening to. If you want to see some videos of her (she’s a remarkable artist and seems very grounded) go to: Mary J Blige’s videos


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