Web Social Media Getting lost in the Bubbles

Social Media Landscape

Originally uploaded by fredcavazza

I feel like I’m lost underwater in a series of web social media bubbles. This picture illustrates why I’m so confused. (see below for explanation if you are new to social networking) Too many choices. I could spend my whole day deciding where to network. Just when I got excited about facebook and twitter (I’ll explain below), everyone starts telling me I should be somewhere else. But where are my friends? Where can I meet new people? Where can I talk about what is of interest to me (from TVs to Triathlons to Travel? I don’t have all day to be writing little notes on so many different services. And it seems most of the discussion on Twitter is about whether or not we should be using Twitter or something else. And it’s worse now that I have all these applications for my iphone.

There are sites you can join that allow you to write little notes all day long, sharing ideas, asking questions of the community, posting photos, videos, favorite websites, blogs or tidbits of information, etc. etc. You subscribe to follow people who seem to have something interesting to say or to your friends (hopefully they do have something interesting to stay). You get notified or get a page that feeds all of your friend’s one line messages. With http://www.friendfeed.com you get a feed of almost everything your friend is doing (posting photos, messages, etc.)

Again, there’s a learning curve…how do I find others who I don’t know that have my interests or who might be interesting to follow?

If any of my fellow tweeters or friendfeeders are reading my blog, perhaps they can steer me to tips. Come back for more as I learn how to navigate the bubbles without them popping.


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