All these Organizing Tools Make Me Disorganized!

There are so many programs and tools to keep us organized. And now I’m considering if using Evernote from my iPhone will help. What seems to happen though is if we choose more than one, we put things to remember in different places and then I need something to remember where I put that thing to remember. It’s good when we are able to sync them up so everything appears in both places. Still, that has it’s own set of problems. I’m finding however that I’m losing things because I have too many places I can put them. Almost as bad as misplacing my tablet for my computer–I put it somewhere that made sense at the time…

Now, I am on Microsoft Entourage because it works with my client’s email server and I have my Mac Mail/Calendar/Address Book etc. that I use for all my other clients and for my personal life. The good news is that they sync together but for some reason they multiply entries and I get the same appointment listed 5 times or 4 address cards of the same friends. Then my mac syncs up with my MobileMe (formally call “dot mac”) and it multiplies some more. Then when it syncs it comes up with conflicts and heck if I can figure out where they all started. And when I try to fix it, inevitably stuff gets lost (like when you’re cleaning out your office and you throw out the bag you wanted to save not toss).

And now I have a lot of new ways to organize with iPhone applications. Yes, this is a second post of the great choices I have from my iPhone update. I have Evernote that allows me to take pictures of everything to remind me. But I’m nervous about using it. Just another place I have to look to try to find that information that I put where it most made sense at the time, and now I can’t follow that same logic path! I have even more programs that help me put together what I want to remember from the web. Stumbleupon, Digg, etc. Where do I want to save these? Do I just want to bookmark them and then I have to create new folders because this page doesn’t fit the categories of my folders. I have resolved the note issue with NoteBook by Circus Ponies, so if I have my laptop with me I can put together all my notes, research, pictures, and anything else I used to put elsewhere. But now there’s this Evernote. I can just take a picture of everything and don’t have to scan, or write notes. I can take a picture of someone holding their business card so I can remember them after a convention. It sounds cool, I just hesitate having yet another place to look for stuff.

I guess organization is just a state of mind and no amount of tools can help you if you don’t remember to put your keys (or files or photos or anything else) in the same place so you can find them again.


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