New Home Theater and Gadgets from CEDIA -for the rest of us!

Speakercraft Booth was one of the Wilder CEDIA booths

Speakercraft Booth was one of the Wilder CEDIA booths

I’ve just returned from wandering the expo looking at the cool new technology and gadgets at the CEDIA show in Denver– new home theater surround sound systems and home theater and home networking and automation. CEDIA is the custom installer’s show–you know, those high end home theater installers that make your home theater look like an egyptian theater or wire your whole home to turn on lights anywhere in your house or have the fire turn on automatically when you walk in.

But there is still lots of cool stuff I found there that is for the rest of us.

Highlights for me were…

-Speakers built into a Mitsubishi LCD flat panel TV that create virtual surround sound (makes it sound like you have speakers around the room).

-A Sony PC that’s also a TV. What makes this different from an all-in-one PC is that it has HDMI inputs to connect a satellite box or cable box to it. Check out the short video demo I shot at the Sony booth.

-An all-in-one receiver/dvd player that hangs on the wall and has Bluetooth. This means you walk in with the music on your phone, press “play” and it comes out of the stereo/virtual surround speakers with no attachments.

-Amazing advancements in Blu-ray Disc players (high definition) that will create pictures beyond anything you can imagine.

-Downloadable movie devices from TVs and Blu-ray Disc players (from LG) that can download from online –to dedicated high definition movie boxes.

-And the number of different ways to get your movies, music, photos not only on your TV, but all over your house. Including Sony’s digital photo frames, digital media servers–devices that store it all and then distribute it around your home.

-TVs that will play YouTube Videos give you the weather and stocks and much more. All by connecting to the internet.

-On the other end of the picture quality spectrum, there was 3-D TVs. Some are pretty awful, some getting better and some are downright Disneyland-in-you-face-flinching 3D.

I will be blogging about these in the days to come, and will come back and add links to this post. In the meantime, check out the video post and the ones to come.

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