Troubleshooting your Technology

Digital Picture Frames were a popular Holiday Gift this season

Digital Picture Frames were a popular Holiday Gift this season

As you get to know your new gadgets, they may not react the way you expect. Certainly, it would have been easier to read the user manual that you let slip back into the box, but if you didn’t… here’s some ways to get yourself out of trouble if things are working the way you think they should.

1. PRESS EXIT, or CANCEL, or RETURN or BACK or press the MENU button again (whether it’s on a remote, or on the product).
2. PRESS the power key for several seconds. It will (hopefully) turn off the product. It may be better once you’ve turned it back on.
3. If it doesn’t shut off, UNPLUG IT. Again, wait 30 seconds or so, before plugging it back in.
4. If you’ve made changes you don’t like but can’t get it to go back to the way it was originally, or if you can’t make the changes you want in the menu (like setting the time and date, or picture quality options, etc.)—
4a. Find “RESET” or “Reset to Factory Settings” or “Reset to Defaults” in the menu (usually in a Setup or Option menu). Choose it. Remember, this will change all the settings back to before you ever started messing with it which means you’ll have to start over and set up the settings that you liked as well as the one that was messed up.

These are just a couple of ways. Will write more as time and inspiration permit!


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