Important Info on DTV Transition and Your Local TV Stations

Dont lose your favorite local stations!

Don't lose your favorite local stations!

This may be the most important information about the DTV transition that you need to know right now. The DTV transition date has been changed from February 17, 2009 to June 12, 2009. This means that most TV stations will delay turning off the analog TV transmissions until June. If you have an analog TV and use an antenna to get your local stations you may be able to continue to get your local TV programming. BUT YOU MAY NOT!

Congress is allowing for some TV stations to go forward with the change to all digital broadcasting on the February 17th date to reduce the cost to the local stations. (Broadcasting both digital and analog signals is costly for those stations who have already invested to make the change.)

Over 500 local stations across the country have asked to make the change early. This means that if you haven’t prepared for the DTV transition, you will lose those local stations that make the early change. I have received the list of those stations that will make the early change. GO HERE to Look through this list by your state and city to find out if you’ll be able to continue to get all of your local TV stations.

If you find TV stations in your area that will make the early switch to Digital, you will want to get prepared NOW. Learn more about what you need to do. To find out about antennas that you will need to use to receive those channels go to and put in your home address.

I will be doing ONE MINUTE Video tips about the DTV transition to help you. Come back to get the link to those videos or go to my website:

Don’t delay. Be ready today.


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