List of TV Stations that May Not Be Allowed to Switch Early-on February 17

Don't let your TV go blank!

Don't let your TV go blank!

A few days ago I posted a list of TV stations that had applied to turn off their analog signals on February 17th. In some areas, all the major network affiliates requested early shut off. This could leave people who live in those areas and are not yet prepared–by subscribing to cable, satellite or with an antenna plus DTV or an antenna plus converter box– without any national news.

If these stations want to make the change on February 17th, they must certify that they will take extra steps to ensure that their viewers won’t be left in the dark. Here is the FCC document explaining what they steps a station must take.

Check out the updated list...TV stations that want to make the early switch that are in the cities that are highlighted in blue on my chart, may have to certify that they have reached out to their community. Also, they may have to continue to broadcast analog signals for another month regardless.

Here’s a great article with more detail and explanation from television broadcast dot com.

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