Videos to Help with the DTV transition

Well, today was the day that the analog signals were to be shut off at local TV broadcasters and only digital signals would be sent. This marked the end of an era. The end of the way that TV programs were sent to the antennas in our home. A move toward the inevitable digital domination.

The government’s decision to delay the dtv transition to June 12th made a dent in the way the transition would take place. The over 500 local TV stations across the U.S. that requested early analog signal shutoff adds to the confusion. For the stations granted the right to early shut off, many will continue with their plan to broadcast only digitally after today.

I have been looking at the information around on the internet and I see some holes that add to the confusion, or questions that are not answered in a straightforward manner. I’ve taken to video to help people understand.

The first videos may be a bit rough as I get used to being alone in front of a camera –rather than being interviewed–but I know the tips will ultimately help people understand what they need to do to prepare for the all digital TV future.

If you or anyone you know haven’t taken the steps to prepare for the transition…don’t delay. And share the information with everyone you know. It’s a valuable conversation for anyone who ever watches TV.


2 responses to “Videos to Help with the DTV transition

  1. Pretty cool Barb. I look forward to the next ones.


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